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Eliminate Gallstones Fast and Pain Free!

From: Judy Seeger, ND

RE: Eliminating Gallstones Using Liver Flushes

If you’re scared about having gallbladder attacks caused from gallstones, and especially if you’re open to using alternative therapies that can give you results in less than 24 hours…Brace yourself! I have answers for YOU! First, let’s make sure this life changing information is for you!

Doing a Liver Flush to eliminate gallstones is a good first step. It’s fast and easy. You’ll get results. But if you have large stones, or have been having gallbladder attacks, or having pain on your right side, you need to look at the whole picture.

What’s The First Step?

First thing first – let’s look at your symptoms to see if it really is gallstones. As always, check with your doctor too.

If  you’re suffering from:

  • Cholesterol issues?

  •  Poor digestion? After gas, bloating, that ‘heavy feeling after you eat?

  •  Chronic fatigue?

  •  Belly bulge – the fat

  • that’s around your middle looking like a tire tube?

  •  Brain fog?

  •  Allergies?

  •  Skin rashes?

  •  Joint pain?

  •  Poor hands and feet circulation?

  •  Constipation, diarrhea?

  •  Headaches?

  • Low sex or no sex?

This all sounds like bad news!  But I have good news for you!  I have written down all my clinical experiences to show you EXACTLY what it takes to detox your liver,  your gallbladder, your colon that is so safe and easy you will be suprised!

By following my natural Pre-Cleanse and Post-Cleanse programs, your body will respond! All you have to do is learn what it takes to cleanse and detox your body!

Paul Bragg, who was a pioneer in the health food movement used to say that the first place to start is to ‘Cleanse your body’ daily! But so many folks simply don’t understand what that means. You might be one of them. Spending hundreds of dollars on over the counter natural supplements. But these don’t work folks! Not without changing key elements in your life like getting on a gallbladder diet.

The ‘missing link’ is NOT another pill. It’s not an herb. It’s not an enzyme.

It’s ALL of that and much more!

You need to learn how to detoxify your body the RIGHT way from everything! You can easily detox when you know how from:

Eliminate Environmental pollutants – those air fresheners are deadly! Once you eliminate these chemicals in your home and office, you can solve up to half your health problems.

Decrease your water consumption – the wrong water that is! After you get rid of that poison water, and drink the RIGHT water your body gets super cleansed, fast!

If you have been detoxing your body with:

  • Detox Supplements and not getting results…

  • Detox Diets that are super hard to follow…

  • Spending money on hard to follow colon cleanses…

  • Drinking Detox Smoothies that taste awful…

  • You’ve been doing it all WRONG!

The right way is not that hard, not that expensive, and doesn’t take hardly any time.

Let Me Take The Pain Out Of the Process For You!

All of this information is presented by me, Judy Seeger, traditional naturopath and Detox Specialist, with over 35 years’ experience, 17 years in clinical experience healing thousands of people. I know what works. I know what doesn’t work!

I’ve run not one but two holistic healing centers – one in Green Bay, Wisconsin and one in San Diego, California. I treated thousands of people who were just like you – they knew they were full of toxins but simply didn’t know how to get the results they wanted!

I have a reputation for providing the truth about what it takes to eliminate gallstones safely and effectively. I don’t go off the deep end with crazy remedies that don’t work. I use a practical, common sense approach that is less stressful to your body so you can feel better after those gallstones are flushed out.

I’ve researched every Liver/Gallbladder Flush out there, both online and offline. I’ve tried most of them in clinic, the ones that made sense anyway. I worked with my clients in my clinic to see first hand what really works and what really is just a waste of time.

In short, I’ve done all the time-consuming, mind-numbing work for you. And now I’m ready to share!


Shatter Your Gallstones: Proven Tips and Techniques To Eliminate Gallstones WITHOUT Painful Gallbladder Surgery

Over 20 million Americans suffer with gallbladder disease caused from gallstones stuck in their gallbladder.  But YOU don’t have to worry! You can join the thousands of people who have eliminated their gallstones using my 3 Step Formula:

1. The Pre-Cleanse – what to do before your start your cleanse

2. Liver Flush REviews – choose the best one for you

3. The Post-Cleanse – what to eat after your cleanse

Here’s What This Ebook Covers:

  • Learn the step-by-step proven strategies for eliminating gallstones in less than 24 hours!
  • Get remedies at home that are super cheap and avoid spending thousands of dollars on hospital bills where you could  STILL end up with gallbladder pain!
    Discover the foods that are guaranteed to reduce pain…and most of them are conveniently in your refrigerator or found in your local grocery store.
  • Unlock the easy to use formula’s that have proven to work with thousands of people in eliminating their gallstones.
  • Get info on the  top natural therapies I used in my clinic that got immediate results – this is not just another supplement, these are natural therapies that wiped out gallstones completely!
  • Learn the secret herbs that have taken gallbladder symptoms and made them disappear.
  • Find out the #1 enzyme that can literally get your pain reduced overnight.
  • Get instant pain relief when you drink these 3 juice

What This Ebook Does NOT Cover

This ebook will not explain medical options – that’s what you have to discuss with your doctor if you choose that option

It does not tell you which fluWsh is exactly right for you. It does show you the best ones I used in my clinic rated from ‘Easy’ to ‘Hard’.

It does not tell you exactly which foods are right for you. The food list I include is what I found generally to work. You know your body enough to know which foods you can handle.

It does not include unlimited questions with me. That’s called a consult, and I don’t offer those anymore. I do have plenty of instructional videos, downloadable information sheets to make it crystal clear for you.

When You Take Action Today

When you order today, you get two bonuses not available anywhere else:

Lifetime updates to make this easier, faster, and simpler to use. I’m always looking for shortcuts! When I find shortcuts that work, I’ll pass them onto you.

Answers to your questions using instructional videos. Sometimes a therapy is simply not clear Let me know and I’ll shoot one over to you so you can see clearly what you need to do.

Yes, I Am Ready To Take Action Now!


And the great news is it won’t cost you a fortune to eliminate your gallstones. In fact…

When You Order Today You Pay Just $19.97


And that’s for an instant downloadable book. It comes right to your email box. No waiting for shipping.

And while I can’t imagine that you would need it, you do have a 30 day guarantee that this ebook will give you all the information you need.

Place your order now and let’s get started immediately…

Yes, I Want To Learn How To Eliminate My Gallstones Right Now

Shatter Your Gallstones

YES! I want to follow Judy’s 3 Easy Steps To Eliminate My Gallstones!

I understand I will be billed $19.97 today to receive immediate

downloadable copy of my ebook.

Special Offer Price – Only $19.97



Great health always!

Judy Seeger, ND

P.S. The Shatter Your Gallstones ebook is focused on getting you results using safe, easy, and effective methods I used in my clinic on thousands of folks just like you. I know of no other ebook that shows you the comprehensive way to do this with the best results. Let’s get you started.
Frequently Asked Questions

Naturally, you may have questions. Here are the most common questions.

Q: I’m not a techie. What if I can’t download the ebook or I don’t see it in my email box immediately after I order?

A: I’m not a techie either, so I totally understand! I have a great team that can walk you through the process to make sure you get the ebook right away. All you have to do is contact us.

Q: What if I don’t have a gallbladder? Can I still do this program?

A: Yes! You just do a modified version, or the “Easy” flush that I have listed. Remember, just because you don’t have a gallbladder, doesn’t mean your liver still doesn’t need help! Gentle Liver Flushes will be very beneficial.

Q: What if my gallstones are really big and get stuck? Can this be dangerous?

As always, check with your doctor. However, in my clinic I have found that when folks did the Pre-Cleanse, the stones softened and shrank considerably so they were able to flush it without any problems.

Q: What is the difference between a Liver Flush and Gallstone Flush?

A: In the Alternative Medicine world, we really just call it a Liver Flush, which  applies to eliminating gallstones in your gallbladder and flushing out your liver of toxins too. Your gallbladder is attached to your liver, so when you flush your liver, you are actually cleaning out both organs.

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