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3 Key Cancer Nutrition Strategies To Stay Cancer Free

About the speaker

Kirstin Nussgruber

Cancer Nutrition Expert, Author, Speaker, 2 Time Cancer Winner

A cancer nutrition expert, empathetic mentor, author and speaker, Kirstin is passionate about helping people get out of cancer overwhelm by teaching them how to reclaim their lives. A two-times cancer survivor herself she learnt first hand the importance of an integrative and functional medicine approach to one’s health to facilitate true healing.

Kirstin is the bestselling author of Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror – My 5 Step Process to Transform Your Relationship with Cancer where she offers a roadmap to begin healing from cancer, based on her professional as well as personal experiences.

Kirstin is the creator of First Steps to Take Control of Your Cancer Care, an online self-help program for patients and not-yet patients who want to do more than just traditional cancer care and are looking for evidence-based guidance to start their healing journey.

Kirstin was a popular presenter at the 2018 annual conference of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians and is regularly invited to host educational events on integrative cancer care at a Valley Integrative Pharmacy in Bedminster, NJ where she also heads the Cancer Support Program since 2014.
She frequently appears in a variety of online Podcasts and Radio Shows, such as the Five To Thrive Live – The Cancer Support Network, and has participated in a number of Summits, including The Science and Soul of Healing Summit.

She is herself a co-host for the #AllThingsCancer podcast, a monthly guest-blogger for The Anti-Cancer Club, and was a monthly contributing author for the online Sybil Magazine – For the Spirit and Soul of Woman.

Through her mentoring, virtual programs, writing and speaking, Kirstin has supported thousands of cancer patients since 2011 all over the globe come to terms with the physical and psychological trauma of a cancer diagnosis, cope better with conventional treatments and thrive beyond cancer with targeted nutraceutical, nutritional, detoxification, gut health as well as mental and emotional support.

Kirstin, a board-certified functional nutritionist, is a graduate of the Munich-based “Zentrum für Naturheilkunde”, a professional member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, the American Association of Nutrition Professionals, and a certified Health Coach by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is based in New Jersey, USA and sees clients locally as well as virtually both nationally and internationally.