Cancer Fighting Foods #10

Cancer Fighting Foods Summit

How To Tap Into Your Innate Healing Ability - And Determine Which Foods Are Best

About the speaker

Connie Strasheim

Medical Doctor

Dr Shaunna Menard has been a medical doctor for over 25 years and is a Canadian and American Board Certified Radiologist. She is an international speaker and trainer, certified holistic health coach, superfoods author, former Chair of Public Health and former Assistant Professor of Medicine and she has spoken to international audiences of thousands on health and wellness and has been featured on Breakfast Television.

Her grandmother’s death from cancer when she was just 14, galvanized her mission to help people live their longest, healthiest, happiest lives and led her to medical school. However, as a diagnostic radiologist, she observed that people had more power to impact their health through their choices than they realized. She knew within the medical system, it was difficult to help patients adopt the healthy habits and mindset required to take control of and improve their health.

She now works as an Integrative Mind-Body-Lifestyle Medicine Specialist to help people tap into their innate healing ability. Dr Shaunna specializes in helping you discover YOUR unique bio-individual lifestyle choices that assist YOU to Be Good For You so you can tap into your own miraculous innate healing ability and uncover your core wellness.

She lives with her husband Gerald and their 4 sons in beautiful Kelowna, BC, Canada.