Cancer Fighting Foods #2

Cancer Fighting Foods Summit

How to Starve Estrogen Hungry Cancers With Food

About the speaker

Dr Shania Seeber

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Shania Lee is a Naturopath and Functional Medicine practitioner who graduated from the university of Johannesburg and is a member of the IFM. She has an unbridled passion for Functional medicine and Nutrigenomics focusing on uncovering and then treating the root cause of the presenting imbalances and symptoms presenting in her patients.

Shania’s approach to health is to look at the individual needs of the patient, to find the root cause of the symptoms and then design a lifestyle and nutrition program that will ensure balance to the person’s body mind and soul. Her specialties are in autoimmune conditions and oestrogen dominant conditions with her focus being on women’s health and the prevention of cancer. She has also designed a course for the everyday women, giving practical advice for each life stage call “Female health from alpha to omega” which will be launching online in October 2018.