Cancer Fighting Foods #3

Cancer Fighting Foods Summit

How To Get MORE Nutrients For Faster Absorption, Faster Healing

About the speaker

Dr Dicqie Fullson-Looney

Author, Clinician - PhD, ND

Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney has enjoyed and been blessed by her
thirty-plus years as a clinician, educator, researcher, and author.
She has earned two Ph.Ds, one in Health Science and the other in
Dietetic Nutrition, and also holds a degree as Naturopathic doctor from Germany’s Kneipp Heilpraktiker Akademie.

Her passion in the last 35 years has been in the realm of Enzyme
Therapy along with Biochemical Individualism and their use
in bringing balance to the body whether involving our health,
thoughts, or harmful beliefs. She also continues to research
and study the changes in our food supply and their effects on
child development. All of her research and clinical study are with
the practitioner in mind, giving them practical, science-based
solutions transforming the lives of all people.