Cancer Fighting Foods #8

Cancer Fighting Foods Summit

3 Insider Secrets to Foods That Can Create Vitality When Healing From Cancer

About the speaker

Elaine Gibson ​

Cancer Winner Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, COO of Renewed Living, inc

Elaine is the CEO of Renewed Living and the creator of the Extraordinary Living Made Easy Method.

Cited as one of the world’s top ten natural cancer survivors by Extreme Health Radio (#4), having beaten Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, Elaine shares her hard-won lessons for living an Extraordinary life. She works from the principle that it is possible, through intentions and natural clean living, to counteract the stressful and health-damaging effects that modern living has on the body, mind, and relationships. She is a sought after speaker, author, mentor and a green juice loving grandmother!

Busy women have been hiring Elaine for years to help them discover a new way of approaching their lifestyles. By implementing actionable information into their very busy lives, the women she works with love feeling better than ever.