Deep Dive Detox – Video 5

About the speaker

I grew up in New York, where there were few options for quality vegetables. I was a picky eater and had a severe sweet tooth. I was known as the “Pizza Queen.” When I was 18 years old, with this horrible diet, I ended up with chronic fatigue, constant colds, low back pain, constipation, migraine…the list seemed endless! I knew I had to help myself. In 1978, I drank my first Liver Flush drink made of one cup of olive oil and one cup of fresh lemon juice. I never got past two sips without getting violently ill! I heard a lot about cleansing but every attempt made me sicker. I was fortunate to be trained by world-renowned healers like Dr. John Christopher (master herbalist), Dr. Bernard Jensen (world-renowned nutritionist) and Dr. Joel Robbins, MD, DC, ND. I learned that cleansing is holistic. It isn’t only about the Liver Flush drink but also eating healthy, living a peaceful life, and using natural detox therapies that cleanse the whole body, not just the liver. Learning the proper way to detox saved me! I can still remember how delicious my first cleansing juice tasted! It was sweet, refreshing and made me feel good. Then my first colon cleanse made me lose weight, boost my energy and eliminate my symptoms. I knew I was on the right track and it was time to share this in my clinic. I worked with thousands of people with similar results. I work on rebuilding their body then using simple natural detox therapies to eliminate their poisons. After 35 years in Alternative Medicine, I’ve created online programs about my findings that are easy to follow and provide fast results. I’ve also created videos and webinars that are jam-packed with how to detox effectively.