Disease Free Detox Masterclass Home PROGRAM

In 7 days, learn EXACTLY how to eliminate dangerous toxins to feel better, heal faster!

What This Is And How It Works...

This is a 7 Day Detox Masterclass Program.

Each and every day you follow along in your online course through Video Tutorials

Each day you get Simple To Follow Detox Masterclass Program

No guess work here!

MYTH: You ALWAYS have a bad reaction when doing a detox (called herxheimer effect).

TRUTH: This is simply put out there by people who don’t know how to detox you. It’s simply not true. WHEN your body has the right tools, there is minimal or ZERO detox symptoms.

MYTH: You can buy a detox kit in the health food store and do a detox once a year to maintain your health.

TRUTH: There are a few kits that can be helpful, but nothing is a substitute for doing actual natural therapies to remove toxins effectively. Nothing.

MYTH: It’s hard to know which is the best detox program to use.

TRUTH: It’s easier than you think when you know WHERE to start. It’s not about the products, it IS about the system. When you do a detox in the right order, you can get REAL RESULTS!

In Just 7 Days I can Show You EXACTLY How to Eliminate Those Toxins
With My Proven System That I Personally Use On Myself and Thousands
of My Clients as a Naturopath.

OK – let’s GO! Let me tell you exactly how we’re going to do this together…

You will have UNLIMITED Support via Email

and be able to be connected any time you need help, or have questions. From my experience, the best results from my clients have always been when they have access to me to answer their specific questions.

No travel time, just let your fingers do the connecting! Plus you’ll learn a ton from the other folks in the community who are doing this right along with you.

A win-win for everybody.

Resource Checklist

This will tell you which herbs, supplements, and products you need. It’s a simple list. I’m not big on spending a ton of money on supplements. I AM into getting you great results, and that comes with doing simple natural therapies. In fact, most of the ingredients can be bought in your local department store! No need to spend thousands of dollars on complicated therapies.

Food Checklist

It will show you exactly what you need to eat before, during, and after the Masterclass Program. No guesswork!

Menu Planning Ideas

If you love to cook or hate to cook, these super simple recipes are yummy and nourishing. When you detox, it’s important to keep the nutrients flowing. These recipes don’t require a lot of prep work either. Keeping it simple is the name of the game!

Who is this for?

If You Have Ever...

Why Am I Telling You All This And Why Should You Care?

Look, I know there’s a TON of info on the internet about detoxing. Usually, they’re written by folks who have never seen the inside of a clinic or worked with thousands of folks to see what worked and didn’t work. They simply don’t have the experience.

Do these people really have clinical experience like I do? Have they done thousands of cleanses over 35 years like I have? Or, are they just trying to sell you a product?

Wouldn’t it save you more money if you had an expert guide you down the path, taking you by the hand and showing you EXACTLY what you need to do?

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed with all the many steps when you have a 7 day, step by step formula that even a child can follow! It’s super easy because I’ve figured out how to make the whole process smooth as silk for you.
And I’ve tested this program and made all the mistakes that you don’t have to. I’ve cleared the path and had thousands of folks use this cleanse with tremendous success.

Plus you have the advantage of doing this in your own home. No need to go to fancy spas or centers. With a few simple items from your local grocery store, you can easily do this AND save a heap of money!

I’ve had not one but TWO clinics. I’ve worked with thousands of folks, just like you. I’ve personally seen first-hand what worked and what didn’t work.

As a result, I’ve developed a

PROVEN program that gets results EVERY time!

That’s my guarantee.

You WILL see noticeable improvement after 7 days (as long as you follow 80% of the program). Nobody’s perfect, but I’ve found that even following the program 80% of the time people reported huge improvements in their health like better sleep, more energy, better mood, lighter, more spunky.

Ready to feel spunky and have more energy? I bet you do!

PLUS, I’ve learned how to avoid those nasty detox side-effects that so many other programs say you have to go through. It’s pure bunk! Having headaches, nausea, dizziness, extreme fatigue, are all signs that you’re detoxing too fast.

It’s that simple.

With my 7 Day Masterclass Program, you simply won’t feel these extreme side effects. You might have a LITTLE bit, but don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it personally so we can quickly get through it. I’m a pro at this!

Here's What You Probably Don't Know

You know just what to do every step of the way. Is it complicated? Not at all!

I like to keep it simple, low cost, and convenient. You have had enough stress in your life you certainly don’t need more!

Here’s How This 7 Day Detox Will Help You

Show you how to do a detox cleanse program that doesn’t cost a lot of time and money.

And why you might not feel better after doing a cleanse

Tell you which supplements you should use (hint: most supplements don’t really work!)

Did you know that your liver is the major organ that needs to be cleansed the right way to get those toxins out, but there’s another organ that you MUST start with to get the BEST results!

Explain to you why you feel worse when detoxing your body!

Do you know which foods can easily detox and cleanse your body, and actually taste good! Here’s your chance to get your detox program done with a trusted authority (yep, it’s still me!)

What Can You Expect After Your 7 Day Masterclass Program?

A simple to follow detox cleanse program will give your confidence to know what to do every step of the way PLUS give you better results than just taking a few supplements. Knowing how to do a 3 day cleanse the right way saves you money since you can do it right in your own home instead of going to a fancy spa or resort.

There are many liver flushes…colon cleanses…kidney cleanses…but you need to know which one to start with for YOU! This can make all the difference in a good cleanse versus a bad cleansing experience.

If you’ve had headaches, aches and pains, nausea from doing a cleanse before, its’ simply because you are missing KEY ingredients. There’s no reason to have any detox side effects!


…what it will be like to wake up after a full night’s UNINTERRUPTED sleep after your cleanse, and feeling happy, refreshed, ready to tackle the day.

… having the energy to get through the day without a coffee pick me up!

… knowing how to detox from chemo and radiation safely.

… losing that weight around your belly that makes you look pregnant

… being able to think clearly and remembering where you put those car keys....every day!

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