Effective Ways to Build a 6 Figure Practice

"More Patients on Auto Pilot"

Successful Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Profits and Patients in the next 90 Days

“This is the exact online strategy plan I used as a naturopath to stop wasting money on ads that didn’t work and have a steady stream of ready willing patients call me each and every week”


During This Strategy Session, you’ll learn:

  • The best lead magnets that work and which are a waste of time – catch their attention first and patients will be calling because they KNOW you can solve their health challenge
  • How to specialize in your niche so the right patients are calling you who are ready and willing to sign up
  • How to automate your online patient program so you get a constant flow of new patients and keep the old ones
  • How to use this ONE strategy that can have you working less, working smarter
  • How to build a raving fan community of followers – HINT: it’s not just about facebook!
  • How set up your credibility online the fastest so patients trust you
  • How to consistently use online strategies to keep patients calling you
  • Save your seat now!


Your host and course creator:
Judy Seeger, ND