Happy Healthy Holiday #1

Happy Healthy Holidays

Keeping Your Immune System Strong Over the Holidays

About the speaker

Mr. Billy Merritt

Nutritionist and Health Expert

Are you either suffering from a health condition or simply not feeling your most vibrant? And are you interested in prevention of the modern-day common diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disease, and heart disease?

Billy Merritt has devoted most of his adult life to the study and teaching of natural health for this very purpose. For eleven years he has worked at the world-famous Ashram Health Retreat in Malibu, California where the implementation of his precision tuned health protocols has helped thousands of people. The Ashram is also where Billy created the highly acclaimed health products, the ‘Infinity Superfoods’.

His research and experience have led him to understand the key essentials for disease prevention which is what he shares in his book, ‘Infinity Health Manual’. His teaching delves deeply into the connection between lifestyle and health, and his life vision is to share the true essentials for living an extraordinary life of health, longevity, and enhanced life-force. (And weight loss, too, if that’s something you wish for.)

The dietary and lifestyle protocols Billy has developed are the very tools that have improved the health of many people all over the world and naturally will do the same for you, regardless of your body type and present condition. Billy has a way of making all of this fun, too. Have your pen and paper ready as you’ll learn the little known secrets that can open doorways to a greater life.