Happy Healthy Holiday #6

Happy Healthy Holiday

Simple Strategies For An EnergyFULL And StressFREE Holiday Season

About the speaker

Joel Sprechman

Integrative Nutritionist

Joel Sprechman is a Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis patient, Integrative Nutritionist, health advocate, and healing-path pioneer. After traditional and alternative medicine methodologies were unable to effectively treat his Inflammatory Bowel Disease he became a medical researcher, health scientist, and treatment engineer driven by a quest to reverse his failing health, and well-being.

As his journey led to a deeper healing of his own IBD, he committed to sharing his story, experience, and expertise around the world with people affected by digestive disorders, and their families. In 2016 he founded One Great Gut Public Benefit Corp to continue his research and expand his contribution to the Crohn’s and Colitis community through education, collaboration, online and live events. He’s dedicated his life to help others with IBD find long term flare-free remission.

As a recognized thought-leader and highly sought-after speaker, he has been featured on TEDx, KPBS, and many other health summits and podcasts.