Happy Healthy Holiday #7

Happy Healthy Holiday

From Stressed to Blessed: Easy steps to get in the flow of vibrant health to create greater peace, joy, and love

About the speaker

Michelle Dwyer And Jill Lebeau

Living in the Flow Coaches

Jill Lebeau (MS, MFT)—author, spiritual psychotherapist, and inspirational speaker—is on a mission to teach as many people as possible to live with a peaceful, loving mind and an open heart, where they’re free to tap into their greatest asset: the boundless wisdom, power and love of their true nature.

Michelle Dwyer (MS, CNC)—holistic health coach and certified nutrition consultant—loves to guide people to personal transformation and experience greater wellness, energy and vibrancy, and she empowers people to create optimal health in all aspects of their lives.

Together their passion is guiding you to live your greatest potential through ease, abundance, success, and love! This dynamic duo are experienced mentors and Living in the Flow Coaches with a gift for making transformation fun, fast, and high-vibrational.