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Happy Healthy Holiday


10 Steps to Overcoming the Effects of Victimization

from Dr. Meg Haworth

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A Simple Guide to Breathing Through Relaxation

from Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

E-book with practical tips for relaxation through breathing

Dental Health Book

from Trina Felber

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Eating Guidelines for Balanced Mental Health

from Dr. Christina Bjorndal

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Five Scientifically Proven and Powerful Meditations eBook

from Joel Sprechman

Free-ebook from One Great Gut

Hot, Not Bothered

from Debra Atkinson

99 Daily Flips to Slimmer, Trimmer, Fitter Faster So You Can Master Metabolism Before, During, and (Long) After Menopause

Infinity Greens Promo Code

from Billy Merritt

$10 off coupon for Judy's promo for minimum orders of $99.
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Why Food Is Not Medicine When You're Autoimmune

from Dr. Brad Gorski

4 secrets why food is not medicine when you're autoimmune

The Look Great, Feel Great Kit

from Dr. Keira L. Barr

Revitalize your body and your life with 12 keys to leave stress and overwhelm behind (without the fads!)

The Crohn’s And Colitis Summit

from Joel Sprechman

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Skin Whisperer Book

from Dr. Keira L. Barr

Are you tired? Do you suffer with skin that’s dry, irritated, broken out or sallow? Do you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed? Do you look in the mirror and not recognize what or who you see? Have you lost your sense of self somewhere along the way? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your skin is trying to communicate with you and Keira Barr, MD can help you interpret the messages.

Quiz: What are Your Superpowers?

by Michelle Dwyer and Jill Lebeau

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