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Judy’sDetox Store Product

Here’s the list of products to get for your detox. IF you don’t get them by the first day of your detox, you can always go down to your local health food store to purchase them.

The main reason I put this list together was to make it easier for you!

I love having everything all in one place instead of spending time searching for ingredients, products, or supplements. So I thought you would like that too.  I make a few dollars when you order throughmy links I provided, since every little bit helps. Thanks!

Remember, if you get stuck and not sure about a product, just send me a message in our Facebook group:


Dry Skin Brush  (soft)- face/body ($19)

Clay Powder 2# – ($12)

Clay Powder – liquid ($18)

Green Powder ($35) strong tasting

Green Powder ($26)

Coffee Enema Kit – Purelife ($68)

Colema Board ($259)


Naturalax ($23/100 caps)

Psyllium ($10)

Dandelion Root Tea ($5)

AFTER DETOX SUPPLEMENTS(dosages depend on individual needs)


Digestive Enzymes

Lipase Enzymes


Vitamin C + bioflavonoids

Vitamin D & K

Spirulina ($20)

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