Brain Fog Lift Bundle


Frustrated that you can’t think clearly? Forgetting where you put the keys?
Can’t remember names and now worried about dementia?

As we age, these are very REAL concerns!

Let’s get your brain fog lifted and clear away all those cob webs!



Remag – Liquid Magnesium (8 oz. Magnesium Chloride, 150 mg)

  • Pico-Ionic Magnesium (means it absorbs into your bloodstream
    and utilized by your body SUPER fast)
  • Activates 300 body enzyme systems
  • Well absorbed at the cellular level
  • No laxative effect
  • Strong mineral taste
  • Responsible for 80% of known metabolic functions


Relyte – Liquid Minerals (8 oz.) multi-minerals to give your body
the tools to reduce inflammation FAST.

  • 12 minerals for cellular function
  • Powerful electrolyte formula

Omegas w/ Vitamin A & E

Omegas w/ Vitamin A & E is a unique combination of omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, EPA, and fat-soluble Vitamins A and E, which are best absorbed in the fatty environment of omega-3 fatty acids and which share many functions with DHA and EPA.

  • Unlike fish oil Omegas, this is burpless and can be taken with or without food.
  • Sourced from algae, helps prevent the depletion of krill and fish reserves.

D3K2 ReSet™

D3K2 ReSet™ – contains 3600 IU Vitamin D3

  • Plant-based extract from lichen.
  • Vitamin D3 is the most biologically active form of vitamin D
  • Easily absorbed into the body and taken into the bloodstream
  • 100mcg of vitamin K2 works to actively directs calcium to the bones and teeth


Whole B Complex with 4 Methylated B’s and 4 food-based B Vitamins for complete health and absorption.

  • L-Methionine is a precursor to glutathione, the body’s own antioxidants – 500 mgs
  • Taurine offers a wide range of nutritional support to heart, liver, detox pathways – 200 mgs


As a Naturopath of thirty years, I will personally walk you through on the
very best ways to use this bundle PLUS give you a few tips on which are
the best foods and natural therapies to use.

I’m here to get you thinking sharp again!