PREMIUM Disease Free Detox Bundle



Total Body Wellness bundle is designed to support the structure and function of your immune system through appropriate nutrition*

  • Vitamins; (D3K2, vitamin C)
  • Beneficial antioxidants* (Whole C)

This bundle includes:

  • Liquid Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • D3K2 Reset
  • Whole C ReSet
  • Silver



Liquid magnesium was developed to deliver pure, stabilized magnesium ions similar in size to the magnesium available from plants. This mineral supplement avoids the impurities, binders, and unnecessary ingredients that other magnesium supplements have to provide you a 99.98% pure formulation.


Zinc™ gives your body precise dosages of an essential element that we can’t produce ourselves. This Completement Formula’s picometer ions of zinc are highly absorbable and create their ionophore to support their use in the body. Support your body’s requirements for proteins and DNA development while maintaining proper mineral-levels in the body.*


D3K2 ReSet® is the best vitamin D3 and K2 supplement because it’s been formulated specifically to meet the daily demands for supplementing with vitamin D without using any animal by-products. Start to gain all of the benefits of more vitamin D in your diet to support bones and teeth, muscle function, and immune response while improving bone-absorption of calcium with vitamin K.


Whole C ReSet multiple ascorbate blend provides a synergistic effect to support enzyme processes in the body and reduce oxidative damage to its systems.* This completement formulation is one of the best vitamin C supplements available today, and does not contain any synthetic fillers, artificial ingredients, or binders. Start adding this important nutrient to your journey today!


Silver provides a safe and effective amounts of non-toxic silver in a stabilized ionic form. This Completement Formula can be used on an as-needed basis to support the structure and function of the immune system.*


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