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Chronic Pain Relief for Women Over 50 in a few weeks (not months or years)

Is this you?

You have another screaming migraine (or other chronic pain flare up)…

You scream at your kids because you can’t handle the noise. Your partner better stay away
because you will snap their head off!

You know you need to make dinner, but you feel sooo handicapped because the pain is excruciating!

There’s a family get together for the weekend, but you can’t even imagine joining in the fun because walking to the car seems like such a massive chore!

You’re feeling frustrated because you have NO social life…and you feel super guilty not being
there for your loved ones.

You’re feeling desperate not knowing what can truly help you heal this chronic pain that keeps you miserable.

MYTH #1 – Pills Can Help The Pain

Side effects of pain meds are scary!

Especially when your doctor tells you to take more and more or to go on anti-inflammatory meds that make you feel worse.

So you switch to supplements but STILL have daily chronic pain plus spending tons and tons of money taking handfuls of pills daily.


Pills alone, pain med OR supplements, can only give you temporary relief. It can NOT heal you. it only deals with your symptoms but doesn’t give your body the tools it needs to heal itself.

MYTH #2 – Accepting The Pain – This is Life

Thinking you have to live with chronic pain the rest of your life = BIG MYTH!


IF you don’t deal with your chronic pain, it WILL get worse. Leading to diseases like autoimmune or worse

The GOOD NEWS is that when you give your body the tools to heal, it CAN heal and your chronic pain can totally heal, I’ve done it and ALL our speakers have done it. That’s what our community is all about. 

Being guided by those who have healed themselves AND have helped thousands of others 

You CAN get chronic pain healed even by following this 80% of the time. No perfection needed to get you feeling better quickly.


Available For First 5 Women in Chronic Pain ONLY


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Whats Included




How This Looks

You will have FULL on guidance from start to finish! ANY questions will be answered quickly to get you quicker results by email or text.

You get weekly Video Tutorials to learn about the tools, how to give your body exactly what
it needs to eliminate the pain once and for all.

You will be in out Community to chat, get encouraged and stay motivated from others! It’s so cool to be in a group of like-minded women led by Health Specialists who have real answers

You will be a part of monthly Group Sessions on zoom to get connected with our Health Specialists and listen to learn PLUS ask your specific questions.

NOTE: these Health Specialists who have healed themselves of chronic pain typically charge $300-500 PER consult. But you’ll be getting them all within the Reset & Recharge Program!

Available For First 5 Women in Chronic Pain ONLY

Your health investment for this 8 week program is only $997
SAVE $500