Reset & Reboost Your Body, Mind & Soul

Customized Wellness Experiences For Those
Who Take Care Of Themselves Last

A 5 Day Rebalancing Transformation For Busy, Burned out, Chronically Fatigued Individuals Who Are Ready To Step Into True Health At Last!​

Ready To Transform Your Health?

Feeling burned out, overwhelmed and no amount of coffee is helping?

Consider it gone!

Yelling at your family…irritated at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE because you’re so stinking tired?

Yep, time to get your peace on!

Find yourself laying in bed at night with so many thoughts you just can’t possibly calm down to go to sleep?

It’s easier to fix than you think!

Getting up umpteen times to pee and losing so much sleep not even sleeping in helps anymore?

There’s a reason that’s happening which has nothing to do with your water intake.

You don’t have to do this alone anymore. You will have the support and guidance to empower you!

What This Is And How It Works…

This is a 5 Day Reset & Reboost Retreat Focused On Detoxing The Toxins In You!

I’m Judy Seeger, trained traditional naturopath with 35 years experience in Alternative Medicine specializing in detoxing so your body can naturally get reset!

Each and every day we are going transform your life.

This life is a crazy life.

Distractions. Constant change. Stresses.

The Reset & Reboost Retreat program is set up to let you cleanse the negativity in your body and mind so you refresh your soul!

The natural therapies are easy and stress free.

There’s plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate in the beautiful Florida sunshine. And there’s nothing like being with like-minded individuals who want to better themselves just like you!

Your body will feel delighted with the daily massages, restorative walks and various hands on workshops with insightful discussions.

Each and every activity is specially designed to not only eliminate toxins but to rebalance your body to help you create a new you. You will feel refreshed and relaxed ready to go back into your world.



7:00am wakeup – gently walk around the lake, stretches, meditiation time

8:00am First smoothie of the day

9:00-11:00 Workshops from our expert leaders teaching you everything about detoxing to rebalancing your life with lots of fun ways to practice and implement. If you don’t know how to do it how will you stay on track, right?

11:00 More yummy juices and smoothies


NOON Therapies to detox and replenish your body

2-4:00 Rest time and massage

4:00-5:00 Pool time fun and relaxation

5-6:00 Relaxing walk and stretch around the lake

6:00-8:00 Meditiation, relaxing workshops, sing alongs and talk time. We share the love!

Rest time and Early Bed Time!

*NOTE: We provide drinks every 2 hours from morning til night. Rarely does anyone feel hungry. On the fifth day you will have light healthy meals to break your mini fast.

Easy and stress free therapies that rebalance your body are:

  • Ozone Therapy
  • Sauna
  • Coffee Enema
  • Castor Oil Pack
  • Hormone Rebalancing
  • Liver Flush Drinks
  • Relaxing Massage

Proven Program With Results Every Time

That’s my guarantee.

You WILL see noticeable improvement after 5 days.

Ready to feel spunky and have more energy? I bet you do!

PLUS, I’ve learned how to avoid those nasty detox side-effects that so many other programs say you have to go through. It’s pure bunk! Having headaches, nausea, dizziness, extreme fatigue, are all signs that you’re detoxing too fast.

Your skin will be glowing…you’re body less toxic…you will feel younger and more energetic.

Which can inspire you to live a cleaner, healthier life.

As busy people running businesses, taking care of family, you rarely take the time for yourself or want to spend the money to give yourself something this extreme. You think it’s an extravagance. But after you do’re going to think ‘Why didn’t I do this sooner’?

To be in this super supportive environement, to change your habits and to thave that quiet time to reflect and think about who you are and what you want to do with your life – is an added gift you come away with.

It’s that simple.

At the Reset & Reboost Retreat, you simply won’t feel these extreme side effects.

You might have a LITTLE bit, but don’t worry, our team will walk you through it personally so we can quickly get you through it. We area pros at this!

Here's What You Probably Don't Know...

Detoxing on a regular basis is CRUCIAL to your health!

There are simply way too many toxins in our environment that cause a break down in the immune system.

Your biggest challenge is knowing exactly HOW to get ready for it, plan it, and do it to get the very best results. When you have a proven system, you actually are in a better frame of mind.

You know what happens then?

You feel empowered! No guess work.

You know just what to do every step of the way.

That’s what you walk away with. The feeling that you’ve truly accomplished one of the highest levels of health in just 5 short days.

What Can You Expect After Your 5 Day Reset & Reboost Experience?


…what it will be like to wake up after a full night’s UNINTERRUPTED sleep after your cleanse, and feeling happy, refreshed, ready to tackle the day.

… having the energy to get through the day without a coffee pick me up!

… knowing how to detox from chemo and radiation safely.

… losing that weight around your belly that makes you look pregnant

… being able to think clearly and remembering where you put those car keys….every day!

All this is yours after you’ve experienced the Reset & Reboost Retreat in just five short days


April 15-19 – BETA launch for 8 people only! $500 deposit to hold your spot and save 50% of the regular cost.

MAY 12-16

JUNE 10-14

JULY 22-26


  • Daily Ozone Therapy + Sauna
  • Detox Drinks, Super Smoothies, Customized Nourishing Liquids
  • Coffee Enemas
  • Castor Oil Packs
  • Relaxing Massages
  • Hands On Workshops
  • Morning /Evening Walks + Meditation

After Care Program

(optional choices, not included in cost of retreat)

What happens AFTER the five day retreat? Don’t worry, we won’t kick you to the curb. You have choices. Pick whatever fits your needs the best. Or talk with us about what is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

  • VIP ONE DAY with Judy
  • Elite 1 on 1 coaching/ 7 day detox with Jill
  • Mold Detox Program with Micki
  • Food & Recipe Coaching With Venus
  • Health Coaching with Michele
  • Monthly Members Support(includes supplements)

Wondering What All This Is Going To Cost?

  • How much is it worth it to you to finally get results in 5 short days?
  • How much is it worth it to have super energy, sleep better, feel better?
  • How much does it cost you each and every month NOT to be living a healthy life?
  • How much would it be worth experiencing a transformation with experts?
  • Do you realize your health is priceless???

This program is a the direct result of over 35 + years of experience both personally and professionally working with thousands of clients world wide. Bottom line is …this works!


The all-inclusive charge for 5 days at the Reset & Reboost Retreat is $1900 for the Early Bird special until

Feb 28th with a deposit of $500 to hold your place, with the remaining balance due 2 weeks prior to scheduled arrival.

For all other retreats the charge will be $4900 (early bird) and $5,500 regula

This rate includes 5 days, 4 nights of lodging, meals/drinks, therapies, workshops, fitness walks, massages.

Airfare to Florida (either Fort Lauderdale Airport or Palm Beach Airport) is at your own expense.

Pre Detox

IF you have any eating, drinking or social habits that include stimulating or addictive habits such as caffeine, nicotine, sugars, alcohol, diet drinks, drugs or anything else that is artificial to your body we strongly recommend you abstaini for at least 2 weeks before your stay.

ONE week before your scheduled arrival, you will receive a specific details for your pre cleanse.

PLEASE NOTE: As a courtesy to everyone, and to insure the peacefulness of this retreat, NO cell phones or computers are allowed around other guests or in the common areas.

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    Retreat #1 (beta – price is 50% off regular prices)

    Delray Beach, Florida

    April 15-19

    Casa San Carlos Retreat Center (pics of casa san carlos)

    Hosted by:

    Judy Seeger, ND


    I drank my first Liver Flush drink in 1978. One cup of olive oil chased by one cup of fresh lemon juice. I never got past two sips without getting violently ill!

    I was one toxic puppy.

    And I was only 18 years old, never did drugs or drank alcohol, but ate a horrible diet. I was known as the ‘Pizza Queen’.

    One day, I stepped into a local health food store owner who explained the powerful benefits of detoxing, but try as I might, I simply couldn’t do it.

    I kept trying different methods of cleansing, but each one made me sicker, not better. I had to find a better way!

    I learned from mentors that detoxing is NOT just about Liver Flush Drinks, but also about, living a life of peace, letting go of anger, and dealing with my crap!

    I knew then I was on the right track so it was time to take this to my clinic.

    I worked on thousands of people and saw them have the very same results. I worked on rebuilding their body first, then went onto the next step – using simple natural detox therapies to help them eliminate their poisons.

    I’ve also created video tutorials and webinars that are jam packed with the right information on how to detox effectively.

    When not shooting videos or speaking, I love to travel the world eating exotic foods like dragon fruit and hiking to waterfalls or shopping at street fairs. I remain a life-long fan of all activities in water – white water rafting, kayaking, boogie boarding, swimming, snorkeling.

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