Wouldn’t it be great not worrying about chronic sickness or cancer coming back because you know EXACTLY what to do for yourself? And Because you have expert guidance every step of the way?

It’s time to learn how to combine the two most powerful therapies to fortify your immune system to the highest levels possible using a comprehensive, customized detox system with Ozone Therapy.

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Shelley's Breast Cancer Healing Success

Venus Heals Breast Cancer With Her Mind

Renata's Detox & Ozone Therapy Success

Avoid Breast Cancer Reoccurrence w/ Ozone Therapy Sauna

Christine's Tumors Reduces With Ozone Therapy

Christine's Tumors Reduces With Ozone Therapy

Brain Fog GONE w/ Ozone Therapy

Are you ready to not worry about disease and live a happy, healthy, fun life with your kids and grandkids?

Join us for 3 days and learn how to reverse your busy, burned out, and chronically fatigued lifestyle

There’s a reason that’s happening which has nothing to do with your water intake.

You can learn which supplements you really need and which are a waste of money 

From our own personal healing experiences we get it. We’ll get you back on track and getting results just like we did.

You CAN! Don’t give up hope friend, these are proven systems we’ve used on thousands of folks just like you.

You don't have to do this alone. We're here to support, guide and empower you!

What this is. How it works.

Reliable information on the internet is simply not based on facts from those who know what it actually takes to heal.

The 3 Day Accelerated Healing Retreat is designed to super boost your immune system using Ozone Therapy and Nutritional IVs so you can have your energy levels restored plus have the knowledge of what it takes to heal.

Most of our attendees actually see a noticeable improvement in their energy, sleep, pain within three days.

Each day is devoted to using natural therapies like Ozone Therapy along with educational time to give you the knowledge about true healing.

There’ll be plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate in the beautiful Florida sunshine.
And you’ll experience all this under the direct guidance of our highly qualified team along with other like-minded individuals who want a better life for themselves just like you!

Each activity is designed to rebuild your immune system, release toxic build-up and rebalance your body to create a healthier version of you. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed and ready to tackle anything that happens.


Morning: Wakeup – gentle walk/stretches, meditation time
8:00am: Breakfast Health Drink
9:00-11:00am: Educational Workshops.
Workshops from our expert leaders teaching you everything about detoxing to rebalancing your life with lots of fun ways to practice and implement. If you don’t know how to do it how will you stay on track, right?
11:00am:   More yummy health drinks
Noon-3:00pm: Lunch + therapies (customized to your needs)
3:00-5:00pm: Walk, relax, meditate and beach time
5:00-7:00pm: Chat/share time, walk/stretch
9:00pm: Bed
NOTE: We provide healthy drinks every 3 hours with a light mid morning snack and main meal for lunch.

Easy Stress Free Natural Therapies That Rebalance Your Body:

  • Ozone Therapy – sauna, insufflations
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Nutritional IVs
  • Personalized Detox Program (after Retreat)
  • Maintenance Program (after Retreat)
  • Proven Program Results Every Time

    Ready to feel spunky and have more energy? I bet you are!

    You WILL see noticeable improvement after 3 days.

    That’s my guarantee.

    PLUS, I’ve learned how to avoid those nasty detox side effects that so many other programs say you have to go through.  It’s pure bunk!  Headaches, nausea, dizziness, and extreme fatigue are all signs you’re detoxing too fast.

    Your skin will glow.  You will feel younger and more energetic.

    At the Retreat, you simply won’t have extreme reactions. 

    Our team will personally and quickly walk you through any minimal side effects you experience.  We are pros at this!

    As busy people running businesses or taking care of family, you rarely take time for yourself.  Spending money to give yourself something like this seems like an extravagance. But after you do it, you'll wonder, "Why didn’t I do this sooner?"

    To be in a super supportive environment and have quiet time to reflect and think about who you are and what you want to do with your life – that's an added gift you come away with.

    It’s that simple.

    Here's What You Probably Don't Know...

    Your biggest challenge is knowing how to get the best results.  What steps should you take to get ready?  How do you execute a detox?  How do you know if you're doing it right? 

    A proven system removes the guesswork and puts your mind at ease.   

    You know what happens then? 

    You feel empowered!  

    You know just what to do every step of the way. 

    That’s what you walk away with. The feeling that you’ve accomplished one of the highest levels of health in 3 short days.

    What Can You Expect After Your 3 Day Retreat Experience?

    Imagine what it will be like: 

    Waking up after a full night’s UNINTERRUPTED sleep, feeling happy, refreshed and ready to tackle the day?

    Having the energy to get through the day without a coffee pick me up!

    Knowing how to detox from chemo and radiation safely. 

    Losing that belly weight that makes you look pregnant. 

    The ability to think clearly and remember where you put those car keys....every day!

    All this is yours in just 3 short days.

    Using Ozone Therapy with Nutritional IV's is the fastest way to get results. Bar none. Let's get your energy up, your sleep more restful, your pain reduced (even gone!).

    The Dates

    Only 5 Spots Open (then you will be added to our waiting list)

    $500 to reserve your spot.

  • December 18-20 [3 Day retreat]
  • January 15-17 [3 Day Retreat]
  • January 28-Feb 1 [5 Day Retreat]

    REMEMBER: ALL retreats include the 21 Day Accelerated Healing Program. We include your PRE Retreat Program and the POST Retreat Maintenance Program.
  • What's Included

  • Daily Ozone Therapy w/ Sauna
  • Daily Ozone Injections
  • Daily Nutritional IV's (customized)
  • Hands on Workshops
  • Evening Beach Walks
  • Wondering what this costs?

  • How much is it worth to finally get results and feel better in 3 short days?

  • How much is it worth to have better sleep and super energy? 

  • How much does it cost you each and every month you're NOT living a healthy life?

  • How much is it worth to experience a transformation alongside health and wellness experts?

  • Do you believe your health is priceless???

    This program is the direct result of more than 35 years experience working with thousands of clients worldwide.

    Bottom line…this works!
  • Rates

    Early Bird Special $3900 before December 15, 2020 A non-refundable deposit of $500 will hold your place. Balance is due December 17, 2020

    Airfare to Florida (either Fort Lauderdale International Airport or Palm Beach International Airport) is NOT included.

    Room for 2 people in-house (first come, first served)

    Room for 2 more people - Airbnb, Hotels, B & B (NOT included)

    REMEMBER: ALL Retreat Attendees get the full 21 Day Accelerated Program which includes PRE Program and POST Maintenance Program.

    Pre Program

    If you have any eating, drinking or social habits that include caffeine, nicotine, sugars, alcohol, diet drinks, drugs or anything else that is artificial, we strongly recommend you abstain for at least 2 weeks before the retreat.  

    One week before your scheduled arrival, you will receive your PRE PROGRAM schedule and we will review your Food Intake, Supplement Schedule, Lifestyle Schedule

    PLEASE NOTE: As a courtesy to everyone, and to insure the peacefulness of this retreat, NO cell phones or computers are allowed around other guests or in the common areas.

    Post Program

    What do you do AFTER your retreat time?

    And how the heck do you do to stay on track and motivated to continue healing? The answer is to have accountability!

    You will get 30 days (YES! thirty days) of support, accountablility, and kickass motivation to get you and keep you on track!

    I'm known for keeping folks in line. It's what we all need.

    Sometimes we also need a bit of nurturing or hand holding which I can provide too!

    NO other program includes so much support afterwards. They just sell you a bunch of supplements and send you on your merry way. I say...you need to talk to someone after to stay on track.

    I say...I'm the one who can do it with you.

    Let's team up!


    “I'm sitting in my infrared sauna…I did it!! No more procrastination! I'm embarrassed to say how long I've been wanting to do a detox---years! Which organ do I cleanse first? What herbal supplements do I take? Can I really stop eating and drinking my favorite indulgences? Will I be hungry and tired? Judy Seeger had the answers to all of this…”
    Jeanne Brannick
    “After 8 years, I’m finally feeling terrific. Both the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic said there was nothing wrong. I knew there was. I was finally diagnosed with Lymes Disease and treated with Ozone Therapy. This has been a true blessing. I am so thankful to have life again!”
    Deborah S. –California
    “I want to thank you for being there for me. It truly has been a struggle for me and this detox changed my attitude and my whole being”
    PammyJo Kast, HHC​
    “I was able to get started doing the rectal insufflations, with Ozone Therapy, doing 2 a day for about a week or so now. I feel better, stronger and more motivated since beginning to do them. Nothing dramatic - just a subtle change almost every day.”
    Gwen Tarantino​
    “I’m an avid researchers and Judy’s name was mentioned in 3 of the books I read, plus your name was recommended on a highly reputable cancer site. Someone to guide me through this. I needed a more organized approach.
    Because I was throwing a lot of stuff at my cancer. I was always wondering…’how much do I use’ and ‘which brand is best?’. Judy was able to answer all my questions which gave me the confidence to continue on my healing journey.
    After the cleanse…I feel tremendously better after the cleanse. I have way more energy. Sleeping without sleeping pills, I sleep like a baby now, 8-9 hours every night. People are saying how great I look, and I feel fantastic!
    Now I know that if I don’t do the things Judy is guiding me through I don’t feel as well as I could.”
    Diagnosed with breast cancer, 46 y.o. – had mastectomy, tried a clinic in Mexico got very sick, Completely changed diet, Added hundreds of supplements, Chronic fatigue, not sleeping well, Adrenal fatigue, Major stressful life events​
    “It’s been 6 weeks or so that I have been doing my home ozone program. The most wonderful thing is how well I’ve been sleeping! After 2 years of struggling I am pretty much sleeping through the night every night and I don’t have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom either. It’s wonderful. I also have not been getting up once or twice in the night to pee like I was for 3 years - that’s from the ozone too."
    Sophia Mossberg
    “I am working through what the doctors have classified as Stage 4 breast cancer. It is in my lymph system. I have be taking all types of supplements, including mushrooms, Chinese herbs and homeopathic medicines. My CA 15-3 and CA27.29 numbers had been slowly going down, and my cancer spots had stabilized. I thought I was on the right track. Then I got the sick for a couple of weeks and everything got worse. For two months my CA numbers went up and my spots grew. So back to my research. That’s when I found Judy and her detox program with ozone. After just a short time on detox my CA numbers dropped considerably and I hadn’t even started ozone yet. I’m looking forward to my next report! As I told my acupuncturist, in the long run I don’t think anything would have totally work until I detoxified my body.”
    Karen Burnett, California
    “I’ve been doing parasite cleanses off and on for about 3 years now. During that time, I didn’t see very many expelled when I went to the bathroom. I also had been getting IV’s with ozone for diagnosed mold issues I had. I had been following Judy Seeger online and heard her talking about ozone but wasn’t convinced this was for me. This past fall, I did a coffee enema and followed it with 2 qts water and 1 tablespoon of food grade hydrogen peroxide. I was only able to retain it for 2 minutes and it was then that I saw multiple long rope like parasites being expelled. I was pretty surprised and a bit grossed out that they were inside of me. It was a great discovery. I had been praying for God to uncover any hidden areas and He did! In December, I purchased Judy Seeger’s ozone generator and have been using it since. I have been consistently using the rectal, ear, and water for 2 1/2 months and have seen many parasites released. I’m always a bit shocked but relieved to know that I am on the right track. She has been wonderful to work with. I feel blessed to have our paths cross. She is a valuable resource in my healing journey. Also in March, I started doing her week long detox/cleanse. I plan on doing it every 3 months. Love, joy, and abundant health”
    Susan C. - Louisville, Kentucky
    "I came back to my real self. Try everything once and repeat it if you like it and cater to the senses. "
    Renate Behrens, Orlando, Florida
    "Knowing that Judy has the Experience, I called her and immediately we connected and she immediately put me on a protocol. The high point was the education piece and also supported by the emotional piece. Judy is a true healer. She is amazing!"
    Chris Pennel, St. Louis, Missouri

    Hosted by:

    Judy Seeger, ND
    Ozone & Detox Specialist

    Judy Seeger became involved in the alternative medicine field 35 years ago when her own health challenges overcame her. Chronic fatigue to chronic migraines kept her down most of her days until she began studying with world famous teachers who changed her life.

    In 2010 Lyme disease almost took over until she learned about Ozone Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. After healing, she studied for the next 10 years and created a World Ozone Therapy Summit with the top Ozone Doctors.

    As the director of two holistic health clinics, she saw thousands of people’s lives healed through her Accelerated Healing Program for Cancer/Autoimmune Disease and is now offering retreats using this program that includes Ozone Therapy, Detox and Hyperbaric Oxygen in South Florida.

    $500 non-refundable deposit by December 15, 2020 for Early Bird Pricing
    -Balance due Dec 17, 2020 for 3 day December Retreat
    $500 non-refundable deposit by January January 8, 2021 for Early Bird Pricing
    -Balance Due January 14, 2021 for 3 Day January Retreat
    $500 non-refundable deposit by January 22, 2021 for Early Bird Pricing
    -Balance Due January 25, 2021 for 5 Day January Retreat

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