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Success stories

Make it to the hall of fame!

“Today’s cleanse was excellent. Probably hundreds of stones came out of me, thanks to that Liver Flush drink you had me do three nights this week. This is sure better than hospitals and loosing body parts in the process.”

Paulette Ensign, San Diego, California

Founder Tips Products International

“Learning about the best supplements, therapies, and emotional issues has made me well aware of what I have to do now, thanks to Judy. The 7 steps for releasing anger is a powerful testament that emotions ARE related to many diseases, a fact Judy faces head on in all her material. Thank you for your passion and commitment to helping others!”

Christopher Poff, Orlando, Florida

Owner Small Business Solutions

“Breast cancer, Acid Reflux, High stress work, tried numerous health plans including going to a clinic in Mexico.

“Why I liked working with Judy –

I’m an avid researchers and Judy’s name was mentioned in 3 of the books I read, plus your name was recommended on a highy reputable cancer site. Someone to guide me through this. I needed a more organized approach.

Because I was throwing a lot of stuff at my cancer. I was always wondering…’how much do I use’ and‘which brand is best?’. Judy was able to answer all my questions which gave me the confidence to continue on my healing journey.

After the cleanse…

I feel tremendously better after the cleanse. I have way more energy. Sleeping without sleeping pills, I sleep like a baby now, 8-9 hours every night. People are saying how great I look, and I feel fantastic!

Now I know that if I don’t do the things Judy is guiding me through I don’t feel as well as I could.”

Shelley Appleton, DC, Neuroscientist, Masters in Anatomy - Winter Garden, Florida – 46 y.o.


Jet Pinello, Seattle,

Washington, 60 y.o

“After doing much research, and overwhelming info, my challenge was to find something that felt “right” for me in my healing journey like concerns around diet, detox, and understanding why i was doing what I would be doing. ONE of the GREATEST things about you ….your info, your choice of words, it’s power, its positive…period.”

Michelle Shaw

Long Island, New York

“After doing this cleanse… my infections are healing, my mouth sore is gone, my foot cramps are gone, my brain fog is getting better. I still have a long way to go but my body is healing. Thank you for everything you did for me. My heart is filled with gratitude for you”

Kim Fisichella

F57 y.o

“I want to make sure you understand how grateful I am for your services and especially your personal guidance in responding to my many questions. Your involvement gave me a very high degree of confidence in the program and created a determine mindset to follow the program to the maximum degree possible. Thanks a million!”

W. Bibb, Bradenton

Florida- 70 y.o.

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