Women's Wellness Reset Retreat

Let's Reset Your Health!

3 Day ONLINE EVENT November 8-9-10th

Join Like-Minded Supportive Women, Learn From the Experts & Let's Get You Pain Free in 7 days or less!

Judy Seeger ND
Your Event Host


Women's Wellness Reset Retreat

Let's Reset Your Health!

3 Day ONLINE EVENT November 8-9-10th

Join Like-Minded Supportive Women, Learn From the Experts & Let's Get You Pain Free in 7 days or less!

Judy Seeger ND
Your Event Host

Is This For You?

Are you a woman over 40 with chronic health issues and simply want to push the RESET button?

Are you burned out and overwhelmed with all the information online and confused what you should do?

Are you yelling at your family…irritated at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE because you’re so stinking tired?


If You're Feeling...​

Exhausted from lying in bed all night with so many thoughts you can’t possibly seem to calm down and your anxiety is through the roof…

Getting up umpteen times to pee and losing so much sleep now even sleeping pills are helping…

Frustrated that supplements don’t do much to help with chronic aches and pains and wasting TONS of money…

It’s TIME to Learn How to RESET Your Health!

Time to feel like YOU again!

Here's How You Can RESET Your Health

IF you are a woman who has taken a nose dive with your health AND having Chronic Pain issues that just won’t go away, then join us and our stellar Holistic Professional speakers to learn how to deal with resetting your health by banishing toxins that can cause you to not sleep, have low energy and be in chronic pain and inflammation.

We’re here to get your health in reset mode so you can live a live full of health and vitality!

Be the end of this Reset Retreat you will walk away with a program that you can do easily everyday at home and know EXACTLY which natural therapies are right for YOU to reset you quickly. AND you’ll continue to feel better and better as you interact in our healing community staying motivated and on track

**WAKE UP Each Day to A Healthier Vital, Pain-Free Happy YOU!**

What Can You Expect After Your Retreat Experience?

Imagine what it will be like:

Andddd if you’re busy, busy, busy and just have no idea how to even begin having a healthy lifestyle… we have you covered! You’ll learn easy to follow practical steps to RESET your health.

All this for YOU in just 3 short days!

Women Wellness Experts Share Their Secret Sauce

Simple Steps to Take Back Control In a Toxic Relationship

She is a survivor & THRIVER of narcissistic abuse.

Denise is the founder of Life After Narcissism CSW Coaching, a global resource for victims of emotional abuse that offers support and coaching to women who are READY to break ties with narcissistic abuse in past relationships.

As a survivor of trauma in narcissistic abuse, Denise uses her real-life experience as a way to connect with others and teach, love & support them in their healing journey.

Denise’s mission statement is “to enhance the lives of survivors of abuse. Through the four core pillars of healing, we empower women to heal the trauma and awaken their true potential to create an extraordinary LIFE AFTER NARCISSISM.”

She has a clear vision for seeing the spots that exist in every “stuck” situation.
And the creativity to transform it.

Denise has managed to come out of her own 22- year toxic relationship with a smiling face and a positive  attitude. And now shows other women (just like you) how to do the same for themselves. 

Denise Kavaliauskas

Transformational Love Coach, Speaker & International Best Selling author

Biohacking Tips & Tricks to Fast Track Your Health

Dr. Kristin Comella has an extensive background in the study and implementation of biohacking and stem cell therapy.

Dr. Comella is a world-renowned expert on regenerative medicine with a focus on adipose (fat) derived stem cells. She was named number 1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators. She has more than a dozen peer reviewed publications indexed on Pubmed in the field of regenerative medicine.

Kristin Comella, PhD

Owner Biohacking Fitness - Weston, Florida

3 Super Simple Ways to Eliminate Toxins & Regain Your Vitality

Kathy’s main work is to ensure: Patients know what to expect, treatments are carried out correctly, questions about health benefits of the protocol and treatments are answered and patients feel accompanied through this healing journey.

Trained as a Naturopath and working at the Budwig Center for over 10 years, Kathy also has specialized training in Thermography, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Nutrition and The Budwig Protocol

Kathy Jenkins, ND

Managing Director for Budwig Center - Malaga, Spain

How to Rebalance Gut Biome Damaged by Mold & Toxins in Your Home

Amie Skilton, a functional medicine practitioner of almost 20 years, is a well-known and respected educator in naturopathic medicine. For over 15 years she has graced conference stages, TV sets, and – in recent times – laptop screens via Zoom; and in that time has presented more than a thousand keynotes to functional medicine practitioners, integrative GPs, holistic pharmacists, and the general public.

In 2017, after developing an environmentally-acquired illness (CIRS), she discovered the world of building biology and the various ways in which the built environment has a profound impact on human health. She realised her naturopathic, nutritional and herbal toolkit were only as useful as her environment was healthy.

She’s now on a mission to raise awareness in the public arena, and educate practitioners, on a commonly overlooked but monumentally significant influence on health and wellbeing.

Amie Skilton, ND

Reduce Inflammation by Increasing Digestion

Mary Welch is a mother, wife, double-board certified oncology nurse practitioner, weight loss coach, community educator, and passionate advocate of eating and thinking smarter.

Mary is convinced that “a healthy life is within reach” and is spreading the message that the fastest way to change your health is to change what is on your fork.

After losing 80 pounds and witnessing the consequences of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cancer, and dementia, Mary founded Weight Loss to Wellness to empower others to get started on their health journey. Mary especially enjoys guiding cancer survivors along the path to better health.

Quick Start Guide to Decrease Inflammation Easily

Mary Welch, FNP-BS, MS, AOCN

Nurse Oncologist

3 Easy Ways to Fall Asleep & Wake Up Refreshed... EVERY Night!

Annika Carroll is the CEO of Sleep Like a Boss, an international network of Sleep Coaches who help insomniacs who want to sleep but can’t. Sleep Like A Boss has been featured in media outlets such as Forbes, National Geographic, Huffington Post and others.

Annika is a former HR Manager and a special needs mom, who has recovered from burnout and anxiety twice in the last 5 years. She was a Type A stress addict, who rode on adrenaline and cortisol for years ignoring her body’s signals like a pro.

Annika Carrol

CEO Sleep Like A Boss

How to Use Hypnosis to Lose Weight and Keep It Off... FOREVER!

Rita Black C.Ht. is a clinical hypnotherapist and leading expert in both the arenas of smoking cessation and weight loss. She is the author of the best selling From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlock Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss and the host of the Thin Thinking podcast. She is a featured expert on Unplug Meditation and Beach Body Fitness and her online hypnosis-based Shift Weight Mastery Process and Smokefree123 programs have helped thousands unlock the power of their subconscious to have powerful transformations into healthier and more powerful lives.




Free Smoking Cessation Masterclass: How to Stop Smoking or Vaping without Cravings, Withdrawal or Weight Gain

Rita Black

Clinical Hypnosis Specialist

How to Heal Leaky Gut, Bloating, Candida AND Sugar Cravings

Terri Hirning serves the autism and chronic illness communities as a mentor, educator, integrative wellness coach, co-author, and motivational speaker. She has a doctorate in traditional naturopathy and currently serves as Director of Marketing for New Beginnings Nutritionals and Business Consultant for Nourishing Hope/BioIndividual Nutrition Institute.

But it is the personal story of her son’s autism recovery journey that was the inspiration and motivation to move into the integrative wellness community to support others.

She lives with her husband Eric and two of their children in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona.


Terri Hirning, ND

How Emotional Trauma Effects Your Health & Easy Steps to Take Back Control

Dr. Schnell has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. She has
been studying why and how people change for over 40 years. Audrey Schnell enables her clients to end self sabotage, stop derailing themselves, master their emotions and reach their goals.

She helps people see the blind spots that are costing them money and eliminate emotional triggers so they can reach their potential, create long-term client relationships, and even turn difficult clients into success stories.

She has been a featured speaker at retreats, been a valued guest on numerous industry podcasts and
founded 2 successful online summits that featured over 20 top-flight experts from the world of healing

Audrey Schnell, PhD

Impulse Mastery for Weight Control

Charmaine Platon, BSN, RN, is a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach, Certified Health Coach, and Registered Nurse who helps busy women entrepreneurs feel in control around sugar and carbs with impulse control strategies and brain-based weight loss coaching techniques.

She was prediabetic in 2017, even if she was in the best shape of her life, and since then has reversed her prediabetes, overcome emotional eating, and more. Now, she empowers other women to make permanent changes to their eating habits, from the inside out.

Charmaine Platon, BSN, RN

And many more stellar Health Experts!

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Your Host, Judy Seeger, ND

The '3 R System' to Reduce & Reverse ALL Chronic Pain

My specialty is all things with wellness specifically with detox methods (foods, therapies, supplements) and immune boosting (foods, therapies, supplements).

I specialize in Natural Therapies and having been in the Cancer / Autoimmune circle for the last twenty years have learned what works and what doesn’t work.

My mission has always been to give back hope to those who have been in chronic pain/inflammation that they CAN live a life full of health and vitality even if they’ve been suffering for years. All disease can be reversed.

Judy Seeger, ND