Are you ready to learn what it takes to heal yourself once and for all?

Look folks, diseases are rampant! Worrying about disease is actually good, because it forces us to take action.

The challenge, is that there are simply hundreds of options. So let’s get down to the basics:

A simple to follow detox program will give you confidence to know what to do every step of the way PLUS give you better results than taking a few supplements. (that usually don’t give great results anyway, if any) 

Knowing how to do a 3 day detox the right way saves money since you can do it right in your own home instead of going to a fancy spa or resort.

There are many liver flushes…colon cleanses…kidney cleanses…but you need to know which one to start with for YOU! This can make all the difference in a good detox versus a bad detox experience.

If you’ve had headaches, aches and pains, nausea from doing a detox before, its’ simply because you are missing KEY ingredients. There’s no reason to have any detox side effects!

I will guide you every step of the way.

TOTAL Do-It-Yourself Personalized Detox Program

$997 $697

Success Stories

“I'm sitting in my infrared sauna…I did it!! No more procrastination! I'm embarrassed to say how long I've been wanting to do a detox---years! Which organ do I cleanse first? What herbal supplements do I take? Can I really stop eating and drinking my favorite indulgences? Will I be hungry and tired? Judy Seeger had the answers to all of this…"
- Jeanne Brannick

What We Can Do Together?

Ozone takes only 10 seconds to kill 99% of bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, mold in the body.

That’s 3,500 times faster than chlorine.

That’s just the start.

Let’s look at this…ALL Diseases hate oxygen.

Ozone INCREASES Oxygen levels.

OZONE Therapy – one of the most miraculous healing therapies available on planet earth. Proven successfully against cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and diabetes  and so much more…WITH MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS! (like .000007%)

In America on the other hand, over a 1,000,000 patients are hospitalized annually due to side effects of prescription medication, and over 100,000 individuals die!

ALL degenerate diseases are oxygen starvation diseases. Ozone therapy is a safe, inexpensive, effective and sensible preventative medicine.

Success Stories

“After 8 years, I’m finally feeling terrific. Both the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic said there was nothing wrong. I knew there was. I was finally diagnosed with Lymes Disease and treated with Ozone Therapy. This has been a true blessing. I am so thankful to have life again!” - Deborah S. (California)

Home Ozone Therapy Saves You THOUSANDS of Dollars

Typically doctors who use Ozone Therapy charge $250-$450 per session. That doesn’t include your travel time, wait time, or frustrations dealing with the inconvenience. Especially when you’re not feeling good in the first place!

Why not save time AND avoid the frustration?

In less than 10 sessions you would spend at the doctors office, you can recoup your investment.

You can have a therapy you can use not just on yourself but your whole family.

Health is wealth my friend!

What this Ozone Kit Includes:

Ozone Kit Features:

  • Cold Plasma Ozone Discharge – a low voltage, cold process. No cooling fan is required. No moving parts.

  • Dual phase electrical short circuit protection.

  • No overheating of dielectric cell and power components.

  • Non-leaking glass quartz tube discharge dielectric reactor cell.

  • Output range selector variable switch.

  • Ozone resistant fittings and silicone tubing.

  • Stable ozone concentration levels.

  • UL and CSA recognized components.

  • All components are made in the USA.

  • 3 Year warranty on unit

IF anything happens to the Ozone Generator, we will fix it – guaranteed!

NOTE: NO returns if you decide you don’t like it.  Make sure this is what you want. If you change your mind, you cannot return it. We are not a department store. There are hygienic reasons for the no-return policy.

You can only return it if there is a defect with the Ozone Generator.

Keep it simple!

Setup Is Easy As A…B…C

Don’t be afraid – setup is super easy.

PLUS if you have any questions, our experienced team can walk you through the setup so you know exactly how to use it safely.

All you need is an oxygen tank. We will guide you to how to get your own. It’s easy!

Here’s what you get:

All the accessories you need to ozonate your water AND your fruits and veggies!

  • Special Ozone bags to ozonate your arms and legs

  • Tubing for rectal or vaginal insufflations

  • Syringes for ear insufflations

  • 7 Day Detox Challenge to maximize your results

  • Masterclass – Ozone Therapy 101

  • Expert personal guidance

  • Unlimited email support for 90 days

Ozone Kit

$1997 $1697

Success Stories

“Day in day out exhaustion…sickness…when and how can I overcome this? I went did ozone therapy and after just 4 rounds I have, regained energy…and my digestive tract has begun to function again!” – Jill

PLUS LIVE Retreat Experience In Sunny Florida

$7500 $5500

One of the favorite things about my 25+ years career as a healer is the ability to help so many people.

And while today, I get to use the internet to reach thousands of people, host amazing retreats that are life changing AND selling products that help people live healthier lives, truth is, life wasn’t always that way.

I remember there was a time when I felt I was confused and lost on what it really takes to help people to heal.

Seeing people puke on their bathroom floor because I was causing too much stress as they were detoxing.

Or seeing people in incredible amount of pain that I couldn’t reduce because I didn’t know what really was the root cause.

I was using different Detox methodologies and that helped 50% of the people but I couldn’t understand why it didn’t work for the other 50%.

Then when I was suffering with my own Lyme disease I came across Ozone Therapy. So I started combining Detox with Ozone Therapy and WOW, the results were incredible!

Suddenly, I started getting better and got the BID added bonus was I also got rid of the Lyme disease.

It worked so fast that I started including this in my clinic and  helping other people. It increased the results for my clients, which increased the amount of business I was getting.

Suddenly my business was booming AND I was helping instead of only 50% of my people to heal, I was helping all of them to make progress and get better.

And as a result of that I decided to dedicate my entire career into creating my own Proprietary Methodology which combines Ozone Therapy with Detox CALLED DetoxOne Therapy and that’s why you’re reading this page today.

Because you have the opportunity to be THE VERY FIRST people to learn from over 10 years of doing DETOXONE THERAPY and getting amazing results.

This is a limited time opportunity which can:

  1. Make you a better healer and help you help more people

  2. Help you work smarter, not harder

  3. Can help you actually use it for yourself, since I know some of you are very poorly

  4. Well.. it can also help you grow your own practice / business (as a bonus)

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Of course it does.

So… how does it work.

Well… right now you’re at the stage in your career where you know it’s time to uplevel your skills , knowledge AND business development for your career.

So.. I have an amazing opportunity all of this.

And it’s in the form of…

Hands on LIVE Training here in sunny, Delray Beach, Florida where you get to get my expert training one on one.


Online Certification Program

Ongoing support for specific protocols for clients – priceless info I share from my 30 years of experience of what works and what doesn’t.

Fast results are everything.

Effective results are more than everything.

How Much?

Well, if you were to go to a college that ONLY teaches you the basic protocols, that’s usually $10k

AND on top of that if you wanted to go to business school to learn how to run a business that’s another ten thousand easily.

With us you get:

  • Hands on training

  • Unlimited support for yourself and your clients

  • Best resources on therapies that work for your business

  • How to build your community

  • What it takes to reach people effectively

With us, you get both training on Detox AND training with Ozone Therapy… for the crazy low amount of… $5,500

This is not a wishy washy program it’s a real certification program that I developed over 30 years from my clinical experience as a naturopath.

I couldn’t help enough people because I felt like I didn’t know enough. Didn’t have the right hands on training. And didn’t have the continued guidance I needed as I worked with others.

And it wasn’t until I came across the power of Detox and Ozone Therapy that I realized I had to pass this invaluable info on.

If you’re looking for expert guidance using the best combo natural therapies that can bring the fast noticeable results, this is it.

Complete Detox Certification

$7500 $5500

More Questions? Let’s Talk!